(仮)This is a vocal mixing and mastering service on purchased beats from me or other producers.

What you need to provide are:

– Instrumental Beats mixed in 2 channels (mp3 or WAV format)
– Individual vocal stems (WAV)
– Reference song (optional)- Text of mix direction(i.e. Specify the point that needs long reverb.)
(Optional)(I accept 16bit WAV, but 24bit/44.1KHz or higher preferable)
– If using Pro Tools, submit zipped session file.  If not, bounce each individual track from the beginning to the end of the song, and zip them.

Please note: it is POSSIBLE to ADD distortion on vocal, however IMPOSSIBLE to REMOVE distortion recorded on vocals. Be aware to the clipping with extreme care when vocal recording.

Also note:  Vocal editting is NOT included in this service.  I can apply auto pitch alignment, but NOT manual correction. 

Delivery date:

– It takes from two to five business days to deliver.


– I accept revise request only once.  Be sure to prepare your mix direction before you order.

The master:

– will be delivered in 16bit/44KHz.  However you can specify your prefered format.

Questions and inquiries:

– If you have any question, please feel free to email 2futureanthem [at] gmail before you order.